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Social, educational and economical impacts of the internet in the new millennium

Social, educational and economical impacts of the internet in the new millennium Introduction The Internet has emerged to be the most popular and advanced tool used for accessing information in the new millennium. The Internet is the most known transforming technology that man had ever developed before and it has all the capability of changing everything, including the activities people do on a daily basis. Moreover, the Internet is said to be the most important tool used when sharing information.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Social, educational and economical impacts of the internet in the new millennium specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Effect of the internet on the society The use of the internet has openly transformed societies and all activities people do on a daily basis. The Internet, being one of the latest technologies to be developed on earth has the highest number of people who prefer using it for communication purposes. This is because the internet makes it easy for people living thousand of miles apart to communicate with one another freely and even visually. Moreover, the internet also allows people living in different geographical locations to effectively coordinate their business operations and even exchange events of their social lifestyles (Ghandchi, par. 1). Currently, almost everyone has an access to e-mail and other social sites that are available on the internet. Teenagers, for example, are the most common users of internet social sites. They log in to retrieve miraculous information and also chat with one another (Symonds, par. 4). Other social sites available on the internet include; Facebook, Twitter and Skype. These sites make it easy for people to chat and exchange social and cultural ideas (Symonds, par. 4). Despite all the good things, Internet technology has brought to the societies, there are several drawbacks accompanying it. Internet crimes for example; identity theft, hackers and other advanced monetary thieves are on the increas e globally (â€Å"Effects of Computers and the Internet on Society† par. 4). Many people don’t involve much in online businesses because of fear. Impacts of the internet on education The development of the internet several decades ago lifted up the education sector, which really benefited from this technology. There are several developmental measures that have been put in place with the help of the internet. The question people ask is whether this technology will cause more positive or negative effects on education. There is no doubt that over a decade ago, the internet has ushered in an amazing progressive revolution as far as informational development was concerned. The Internet is currently the most accessible sources of information both, locally and internationally.Advertising Looking for research paper on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Anyone can access the unlimited amount of inf ormation in the shortest time possible through the internet. The Internet provides an alternative way of accessing the information as compared to the old system, such as libraries, it is time saving and students, instead of spending their entire day looking for information in books, will only spend a few minutes to login into a website and retrieve the same information (Maroki, par. 5). The use of the internet in educational institutions is currently being supported by majority of educators worldwide. Many educational institutions are now seconding the idea of fully incorporating the technology in the education sector. This is because the internet avails to students the most updated articles and data creating a sense of immediacy (Maroki, par. 9). Nevertheless, bearing in mind that internet exposes students to a great amount of information, not all students use this technology for the academic purposes. Instead, majority of students use it to play games, chat and listen to music. Fo r this reason, using the internet is disadvantageous to education because it redirects students from academic concentration to social activities. This is evident in cases where instead of reading, students engage more in social sites unrelated to education. Nowadays, students don’t carry out their own assignment and research work. Instead, they simply copy-paste the information available on the internet and submit as their own works. Most educators feel that it will reach a time when the internet will fully replace using books as sources of information (Maroki, par. 12). This is considered to be very disadvantageous to the student for whom reading books in libraries provides the possibility to develop skills of not only retrieving the information but also engaging in thinking broadly (Maroki, par. 12). When students use the internet alone as the primary source of information, most of them lose their time by engaging more in social websites available on the internet. Additiona lly, frequent use of the internet for academic assignments and research without accessing books can cause mind erosion (Maroki, par. 12). This will happen because of the frequent tendency of accessing free information from the internet. The students thinking abilities will go down because they will not have the possibility to read books which helps in memory development.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Social, educational and economical impacts of the internet in the new millennium specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Impacts of the internet on the economy It is clear that the internet has transformed businesses all over the world. Most companies nowadays have transformed from old e-commerce to modern e-business with the help of advanced internet technologies (Symonds, par. 6). This is primarily evident in cases where a company, through the internet, makes direct business connections with customers that are tho usands of miles away. Moreover, other companies are currently using more secured internet technologies to establish and intensify business relationship with their trading partners. This technological tool has seen many companies to grow economically and generate huge profits. Furthermore, it is cheap and easy to advertize products through the internet since everyone across the world can easily access the information very quickly. The other economic benefit is that trading partners nowadays can argue and negotiate on market prices online and even explore new market through the internet easily. Additionally, the internet has greatly reduced money spent as tax for any business transaction done online to about one cent (Symonds, par. 34). This is contrary to what business transactions done on banks demand. Notable to mention is that, for every bank transaction, 27 cent is charged as transaction fee (Symonds, par. 34). When processing a traveling air ticket through the internet, one pays $1 as transaction cost. This is cheaper than the $8 charged when processing the same through an agent (Symonds, par. 34). However, the use of the internet in business operation is also accompanied by several drawbacks that scare people from operating online businesses. Some of the negative impact includes the internet security assurance. In today’s world, we have hundreds of advanced internet hackers, e-terrorists and credit card thieves who spent their time on the internet developing fake connections. This has gradually lowered down customers trust and confidence to conduct business through the internet. Furthermore, lack of productivity power from workers is another common negative effect faced by most companies globally. This is observed in cases where employees spend most of their time on social websites instead of working (Beach, par. 5). Conclusion In summary, the internet technology has advanced tremendously in this new millennium. It is important to note that the int ernet use has both positive and negative impact on whoever uses it.Advertising Looking for research paper on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Beach, Justin. â€Å"Positive Negative Effects of the Internet.† E-how tech. 2011. Web. â€Å"Effects of Computers and the Internet on Society.† 2010. Web. Ghandchi, Sam. â€Å"The New Millennium: The Age of Thinking.† Iranscope. 1999. Web. Maroki, Neil. â€Å"The Impact of the Internet on the Education Systems in the New Millennium.† Business Library. 2001. Web. Symonds, Mathew. â€Å"The Economist.† The Net Imperative. 1999. Web.

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Small Alex Saves the Big Boys Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Small Alex Saves the Big Boys - Essay Example It was the tradition in that village that the boys had to get fruits from the forest for their families every week. However, the boys were warned never to go near the river as it was believed to be inhabited by giants. Despite his size, Alex would always go with his age mates to gather fruits, as tradition demanded. However, Alex dreaded those journeys with the big boys to the forest. Once in the forest, the big boys would easily reach for fruits on big trees and soon their baskets would be full. On the other hand, Alex always had to struggle to reach the trees and this made him much slower than the others in filling his basket. The big boys would take advantage and go to the river to swim. They would swim and play until they saw Alex coming with his basket and then they would join him in going home. Every time, the big boys would make Alex swear that he would not report them to their elders that they had swum. â€Å"Will you report us to the elders?† they would ask Alex. â₠¬Å"No, I will not! I will never report you† Alex would answer in fright. â€Å"Good, because if you do, we will feed you to the giants the next time we come to the forest! Ha! Ha! Ha!† the group leader would threaten sarcastically. â€Å"Ha! Ha! Ha!† the other boys would join in laughter. Alex really hated himself for being so small and for â€Å"looking like a girl† that he could not defend himself from the big boys. â€Å"God I really hate this body! My hands and feet are too tiny and I am too short!† Alex would always complain whenever he was alone. â€Å"Why can’t I be as big as boys my age? Why can’t I swim with them in the river? Why can’t I defend myself from them?† Alex would wonder to himself and tears would roll up in his beautiful blue eyes. One day, the boys were sent to gather fruits as was the custom. Just like they had done in the past, they quickly filled their baskets then ran to the river to swim, leavin g Alex behind. After Alex had filled his basket, he started strolling down the path leading to river, on the way home. Suddenly, there was a loud roar from behind him. â€Å"HA! HA! HA! HA! Today is my lucky day! I have one more boy to eat!† a loud voice thundered. Alex almost fainted when he turned around. The biggest giant anyone had ever seen was standing right behind him. The giant had one eye, a big mouth, four hands, and two feet. Upon looking closely, Alex saw one of the big boys in the hands of the giant. Alex dropped his basket and started running as fast as he could, calling the other boys. â€Å"I already swallowed all the others, you are next!† said the giant as it swallowed the boy it had been holding. Alex was terrified. As the giant reached out to grasp him, due to his small size, Alex was able to slip through the fingers of the giant and climb up a tree. Up on the tree, Alex remembered a story he had heard. It claimed that giants had one more eye at the back and that if someone hit that eye, the giant would drop dead. To his amazement, Alex realized that the giant had an additional eye at the back of its head. Alex reached out and grabbed a branch, pulled at it with all his strength then hit the giant’s eye. The giant fell with a thunderous sound and Alex climbed down the tree, ran home and informed the elders. Soon, the giant was slain and all the boys it had swallowed were taken out of its stomach. All the big boys thanked Alex for saving their lives and apologized for having mistreated him on previous occasions. That evening, a celebration was held in honor of Alex,

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China Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

China - Assignment Example While taking into account, the â€Å"long-cycle theory†, which stipulates that, a hegemon after being in power for some time is likely to be challenged by an upcoming superpower, thus, China seems to be the perfect challenger. Even though, China intends to become a superpower, it will be difficult for it to achieve this goal since; the world in the past century has embraced the culture of avoiding an all-out war. Moreover, the United States cannot let its place as the number one in the world to be taken since it is aware of the bloodshed, which can be witnessed in the event that such takeover occurs through a great-power war. Yes, when China becomes a superpower, there are many indications that it will threaten the US. These threats will be; political, social, and economic. Firstly, the political threats that China will foster will be the enforcing of authoritarian governments, instead of promoting democracy. China has the reputation of governing its citizens through authoritarian rule. Superpowers maintain their number one position by influencing other nations and governments; therefore, for China to cement its leadership, it will influence various governments to become authoritarian, and this in the process will kill freedom and democracy. Secondly, as a super-power, China would threaten the US through spreading its ideology of communism while denouncing the ideology of capitalism. Thirdly, in recent years, China’s economic influence, particularly with African and Asian countries has been on a steady rise. While considering the above, when China becomes a superpower, it is beyond imagination on how its economic influence will continue to grow. The overwhelming economic growth of China will be a great threat to the US economy. The US strategy towards China should start with the US ensuring that it maintains its position as the world’s superpower. The US ought to show that it is powerful enough, and it is not

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Advertising Bias Essay Example for Free

Advertising Bias Essay Marketing and advertising companies are constantly playing on gender roles and stereotypes. Both men and women are portrayed in certain ways to help make products seem more attractive to the same or opposite sex. Men are pictured as lazy, dumb slobs while women are pictured as gentle, beautiful, sexual, and submissive. In children’s ads, boys are shown as rough and interested in action games while girls are more quiet and interested in dolls. Though these stereotypes are not always true, they are what Americans have come to accept about gender and society. Advertisements depend upon painting evocative pictures about these stereotypes in order to entice the consumer to buy the product. Many ads use a sloppy, idiotic, couch potato to appeal to women in products that are commonly used by women such as cooking items and cleaning products. By using the male stereotype, women tend to feel empowered or that they have the upper hand when the usually â€Å"dominant† male is depicted as inferior. While downplaying the male role has become more accepted as a show of politically correct sexism, it is still politically incorrect to do such to women. See more: My Writing Process Essay Some view this as an unfair double standard. Role reversal is often utilized in advertising with women as the focus of the ad. The most common use of stereotyping with women is ads is using them to promote or sell a product through sexual appeal. Whether to a male or female audience, women are portrayed as extremely beautiful and sexy and often in suggestive poses. It attracts men for the obvious reasons, and attracts other women because they aspire to be a certain way or have a certain beautiful quality or feature. Women are also advertised as gentle and submissive in contrast to males. Feminists are against these types of stereotyping because they believe it itemizes women. In society males and females are picked on for their underlying qualities. These qualities have become so widespread and commonplace, today they are considered stereotypes. Companies use these to attract buyers with the idea that they are somewhat better than the opposite sex in some way. The underlying nature in ads points out flaws of men and women and uses them to exploit certain behaviours or mannerisms that will help sell a product with its image.

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Images of Women in Sport: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Essay example

Images of Women in Sport: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Throughout history, men have placed limitations on women's activities, including sport. Women have gone through times where physical exertion was considered too stressing for women, physiologically and emotionally, as well as everything short of encouragement. The image of the pre-sport woman, twirling her umbrella while being drawn by horse and carriage attired in full petticoat, etc., is a sight that shows how far women have come, but how much more still has to be done to achieve equality. I view the image of women prior to sport as 'ugly' because not only was their right to partake in sports suppressed, but also their rights as women and as citizens. This image of women, however still persists until modern day. Albeit not to the same degree, but women's opportunities in sport are still less than the male counterpart, as well as the restrictions that this male society still imposes on women's sports, especially through the media. Through poor media coverage of women's sports by mal e-run organizations, the advancement of the sport has suffered tremendously. The television industry poorly advertises women's sporting events, such as basketball, and never shows them in primetime. The US women's soccer association was even dismantled due to lack of support. With publications, the only time women are featured are as either inactive or sex symbols, when editors could be using these media outlets to promote women in sport instead of degrading and downplaying them. Women's sports will never become mainstream without social change. The 'bad' image of women in sport would most definitely have to be the objectified woman whose talent in her sport is overlooked because of her... ... skills in the game. Because of society's prejudices, preconceived notions, and general attitude towards women, this ideal woman athlete is not yet achievable in a society dominated by men. In a society with so many prejudices, men don't want women to be as strong as or stronger than them. The image of women in sport that is 'good' to society is cyclic, since it depends on the state of the culture. Currently, with pop-stars and thinner than ever supermodels, society is definitely in a state of objectification. to the men of this society, who promote such mishaps as Janet Jackson's accident on stage during the Superbowl halftime show, women shouldn't be more than cheerleaders or non-sport related entertainment at major sporting events. Until men realize that women are their equals on all levels, the image of women in sport will never reach its 'good' and ideal image.

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Learn English

Name : Nguyen Cong Duy Class : AE2a A Happy Campus A happy campus is an interesting and happy place to study and relax. People feel comfortable when they come here. A happy city is well-designed and there are many good facilities. There are also many places for education environment. Many people come from over the world. People in a happy campus want to create a active environment. Although they may come from difference backgrounds, they are able to respect each other and share ideas.They can enjoy influences from other cultures such as different languages, and take part in multicultural events. There are many good facilities in a happy campus. Campus has a big space with sports facilities such as: four artificial football field, one swimming pool, one badminton field, one basketball court, one tennis court and gyms, and campus has green trees and friendly environment which students can take a rest and play team sports to relax after stressed study hours.Some good equipment in happy campus need to study such as: computer library, projectors, television, sports facilities and a lot of books which are good for students with their free time. A happy campus need to have a good education environment. There are many clubs for students to join such as commerce, English, finance and marketing clubs in their free time. In addition, students can study group in free time and take part in outside activities such as: playing team sports, going swimming and playing active games together which were created by students.

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Panthera Tigris Sondaica Javan Tiger Breed Profile

Name: Javan Tiger; Panthera Tigris Sondaica Habitat: Island of Java Historical Epoch: Modern Size and Weight: Up to 8 feet long and 300 pounds Diet: Meat Distinguishing Characteristics: Moderate size; long, narrow snout About the Javan Tiger The Javan Tiger is a case study in what happens when a natural predator rubs up against a rapidly expanding human population. The island of Java, in Indonesia, has undergone an enormous population surge over the last century; today its home to well over 120 million Indonesians, compared to about 30 million at the start of the 20th century. As humans occupied more and more of the Javan Tigers territory and cleared more and more land to grow food, this medium-sized tiger was relegated to the fringes of Java, the last known individuals inhabiting Mount Betin, the tallest and most remote part of the island. Like its close Indonesian relative, the Bali Tiger, as well as the Caspian Tiger of central Asia, the last known Javan Tiger was glimpsed a few decades ago; there have been numerous unconfirmed sightings since, but the species is widely considered to be extinct. (See also a slideshow of 10 Recently Extinct Lions and Tigers.)